History of UTI Palm

Mid of Year 1980

     The principal owners of the company, Mr Chitti Ratanapeanchai and Dr. Uthai Jaranasri who are the experts in orchid plantation and tissue culture technology in Thailand embarked on plan and program to establish and develop  a project  to produce superior oil palm planting material which have adaptability  to the growing and climatic conditions in Thailand.

Period of  Year 1985 – 1989
     Germinated seeds of  Pisifera and Deli Dura palms from Indonesia were planted on the island in reservoir of Wachiralongkorn dam.  There are 250 Pisifera seeds of 3 families and 2000 Deli Dura seeds of 7 families. The project team adopted the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) of palm upkeep, controlled  pollination, good seedling selection,  yielding statistical records and high standard process control. Continuous improvement strategies were implemented as well as up graded from time to time.

Year 1991
       UTI Panpuch did the first pollination and produced superior oil palm D x P progenies of 175 seedlings. Then they were planted in Plaiphraya district, Krabi  province for studying. Later, we found that they produce satisfactory and high  yield, comparable to other commercial oil palm planting materials.

Period of Year 1995 - 1997
      UTI Panpuch annually produced planting material of  20,000 – 30,000 seeds sold to growers in province of Krabi, Chumporn, Surat Thani and Satul. The first group of seedlings started to yield in mid 1998 at the age of 24 months after field planting. Their  traits of plant, fruit, seed, shell and bunches’ size & quantity were good and met growers` requirement.

Parental Oil Palm Island in reservoir of Wachiralongkorn Dam, Kanchanaburi province