Policy & Management


Oil Palm is an economic plant of Thailand. It is a perennial plant giving fruits for 20 – 25 years, fairly endurable to disease & pest and easy maintenance. However, it is limited to grow in the areas with evenly distributed rainfall of at least 1600 millimeters per year. Otherwise, irrigation would be required. In the fact, Thailand has limited areas for palm planting. Therefore, good superior planting materials is the pertinent  criteria as the beginning of an oil palm plantation.

UTI Panpuch developed the oil palm business from our experience and knowledge in Mendel principle and tissue culture technology in orchid business. It was a synergy for us to diversify into the oil palm business  with our extensive experience over the past 20 years. We constantly seek to improve our  planting material through breeding strategies  as well as continuously improve seed processing . We do the business with principles of good quality and honesty. We believed that
“ Whenever we produce the poor seeds and seedlings for our farmers, they won’t survive in the business and so do we ”

Our quality begins from good parental oil palms.  We have a continuous scenario to develop our parental palm populations. We aim to develop them as good as the established seed producers’.  Moreover, we emphasize a culling process for both palm seeds and seedlings to ensure that our growers will receive good palm seeds or seedlings  with reasonable prices.
“Any seedlings are not sure whether they are rogue or good, please discard them rather than realize that you plant poor palm seedlings”